Mobile Concepts specializes in mobile/modular shelters for a variety of needs. Not only can all of our shelters can be shipped nationwide, we also offer everything from supervisory assistance to 100% turnkey installation of your shelter.

We specialize in the following shelter types:

Underground Shelters
Mobile Concepts offers underground shelters for industrial, marine and military use.

Storm Shelters
Our storm shelters are engineered and designed to be the safest available, designed to FEMA specifications and meeting or exceeding the standards set by the National Storm Shelter Association.

Tornado Shelters
Tornado shelters from Mobile Concepts are designed and over-engineered to provide the best available protection from even the strongest tornados.

Defense Shelters
Defense shelters from Mobile Concepts provide optimal safety and flexibility.

Survival Shelters
Survival Shelters from Mobile Concepts provide shelter and safety from natural and environmental elements.

Hunting & Fishing Camps
Mobile Concepts carries portable hunting and fishing camps that will greatly improve your time in the great outdoors.

Above Ground Housing
Above ground housing from Mobile Concepts offers the ultimate in comfortable housing available in any configuration to meet your exact needs.

Containerized Housing Unit
Contact Mobile Concepts for custom design and build of a containerized housing unit (CHU).

Contact us today for more information and a custom quote for your mobile shelter.

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