Mobile Dishwasing Semi-Trailer

Model: MC53002

Our Mobile Dishwashing Semi-Trailer delivers 53 feet of space to supply clean dishes for events and situations requiring a high volume supply of clean dishes. It comes outfitted with the best dishwashing appliances and equipment, including:
  • Jackson AJ64 Dishwashing Unit
  • Blower Dryer
  • Rinse Sink
  • Multiple Storage Racks
The Mobile Dishwashing Semi-Trailer can be completely customizable to meet your needs.

Available for purchase or lease nationwide.

 Mobile Dishwashing Semi-Trailer
Mobile Dishwashing Semi-Trailer
Interior Layout

Utility Requirements

Electrical: 208V 3 Phase - 200 amp connected load, panel box connection 300 amp load center
LP Gas - 1" NPT, 200,000 Btu
Supply Water: 3/4" Feed line to standard hose bib connection
Gray Water: Two 4" PVC connections


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Mobile Dishwashing Semi-Trailer


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