24' Mobile Kitchen Trailer MC24003

Model: MC24003

This 24’ Mobile Kitchen Trailer offers over 200 square feet of optimized cooking and meal prep space, including:
  • Flattop Griddle
  • Six Burner Range with Oven
  • Floor Model Deep Fryer
  • Two Door Refrigerator
  • Three Basin Sink
  • Hand Sink
As with all of our mobile kitchens, you receive onsite set-up, support and removal services. Short and long-term cost-effective rentals and leasing options available. Short and long-term cost-effective rentals and leasing options available nationwide

 24' Mobile Kitchen Trailer
24' Mobile Kitchen Trailer


  1. Concession Window (2)
  2. HVAC Unit
  3. Exhaust Fan (1)
  4. Two Door Refrigerator (1)
  5. Three Basin Sink (1)
  6. Hand Sink (1)
  7. Exhaust Hood
  8. Flattop Griddle
  9. Six Burner Range with Oven
  10. Floor Model Deep Fryer
  11. n/a
  12. Stainless Steel Table with Under Shelves
  13. Metro shelving rack
  14. Freezer - Undercounter with Worktop
  15. Lights (not shown)
  16. n/a
  17. Fire suppression system
  18. Not Shown:
    1. Electric brakes & heavy duty suspension
    2. Extra 120v 20amp outlet
    3. White Aluminun insulated walls & ceiling, seamless epoxy floor


  • Electric: 100 amps 220 volt single phase
  • Water: Standard hose bib connection
  • Drain: 4" PVC to Fernco connection
  • LP Gas: Tanks on-board


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24' Mobile Kitchen Trailer


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