Mobile Kitchen Trailers

From 20 ft. to 53 ft. kitchen trailers—we’ve got you covered!

Custom-configure your next mobile kitchen trailer from Mobile Concepts.

  • Fully equipped
  • Easy-to-clean, stainless-steel surfaces
  • Non-slip flooring
  • Wide range of appliances and support equipment
  • On-site set-up and support services included. 

Mobile kitchen trailers are available for quick delivery worldwide.

Mobile Kitchen Trailers
Mobile Kitchen Trailers

Types of Mobile Kitchen Trailers Available for Quick Delivery.

24' Kitchen Trailer MC24001

One of most popular mobile kitchen trailers. Features two serving windows.

24' Mobile Fryer Trailer MC24MKT-5F-G

Includes five fryers for maximum cooking capability. Stainless steel surfaces.

24' Mobile Kitchen Trailer MC24003

200+ Sq. Ft. of optimized cooking and meal prep space. Two serving windows.

28' Mobile Kitchen Trailer MC28001

This 28' Mobile Kitchen Trailer delivers the space for most any foodservice needs.

40' Mobile Kitchen Trailer MC40001

This 40' unit feature plenty of cooking capacity and a walk-in cooler.

44' Mobile Kitchen Trailer MC44001

This 44' unit packs impressive cooking capacity, prep and storage space.

44' Mobile Kitchen Trailer MC44003

Provides ample food prep, cooking, cleaning and storage areas to meet big requirements.

48' Kitchen Trailer MC48001

340+ sq. ft. of high capacity cooking, prep and storage. Includes a walk-in cooler.

48' Mobile Kitchen Trailer MC48002

Features high-volume food prep and cooking along with walk-in cooler and storage.

48' Mobile Kitchen Trailer MC48004

One of our most popular models. It's fully customizable.

48' Mobile Kitchen Trailer MC48005

Features 48 feet of professional meal service capability.

48' Mobile Kitchen Trailer MC48009

Includes two double convection ovens, griddle, tilt skillet and much more.

53' Kitchen Trailer MC53001

400+ sq. ft. of massive cooking and meal service capability.


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