Mobile Dishwashing Facilities

Our mobile dishwashing facilities provide the ability to supply clean dishes for any service or event, when other options may not be available.

Dishwashing facilities are supplied with top-of-the-line dishwashing appliances. All facilities are customizable, from length to amenities. Use in conjunction with our mobile food prep and mobile kitchens to save money, as you'll be able to improve efficiency and reduce the time it takes to complete a food service.

Available Facility Sizes

  • 24 ft.
  • 48 ft.
  • 53 ft.

Types of Dishwashing Available for Quick Delivery

Mobile Dishwashing Trailers

All units are customizable and can include top-of-the-line dishwashing appliances. Large capacity mobile dishwashing trailers also available.

Temporary Dishwashing Facilities

Available for long-term lease or for purchase, our dishwashing facilities are customizable from size to amenities.

Base Camp Facilities

Government agencies and federal and state military depend on Mobile Concepts to help manage their mobile and temporary facility needs worldwide. Our knowledge, experience and broad range of capabilities help ensure project and mission success. Learn how we can support your base camp needs.